Preparatory lesson: Antibiotic resistance

The preparatory lesson aims at making students aware of the global crisis of antibiotic resistance. Furthermore they shall grasp its extend and reflect critically on it. It is possible to introduce the lesson with a mind map on “antibiotics” or “antibiotic resistance” and thus build on the previous knowledge of the students. Thereafter we propose to use the format of the group puzzle. In the first phase, the pupils are evenly distributed among the three texts. Then the three groups build out their expertise using the provided texts and formulate three core statements per topic. Finally, with the help of the “cards for the expert group”, the students are divided into groups of three, each with one expert for each text. In the following phase the experts exchange the core statements of their respective texts. It is then possible to end the lesson with a review of the mindmap.

For the classification of the preparatory lesson in the overall process see Project Day Guide.